”Unified range and tailor-made e-commerce visualizing the core business globally.”

Boliden has around 4,900 employees in countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Ireland. To maintain the same design and retain control of costs for their profile products, the company searched for a supplier that could offer a centralised solution.

  • Create a range with a clear link to Boliden’s core business, metals (copper, zinc, silver and gold).
  • Carry Boliden’s values and support the message behind them.
  • Ensure clarity for which products are to be created and when.
  • Reach out to everyone in the organisation, regardless of where in the world they are.

An entirely new profile product range and a tailor-made e-commerce solution for users with different authorisation levels. The range is divided into categories and guides readers to the product that is most suitable for different occasions. The products have a clear connection to Boliden’s core business and are either made of metal or materials that look like metal, and are shaped like a gold bar or silver nugget. The phrase ‘Metals for modern life’ is emblazoned on the products or packaging.

A unified range with control of the brand and costs. Boliden is now reaching out to more users within the organisation, creating a significant understanding of the importance of showcasing a common image of Boliden’s brand on all the global markets.

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